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Hair ETmio http://blog.naver.com/psh4985


Hair ETmio

  • Address  : 18-19 Dongseong-ro 2-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu   
  • Contact info  : 82-53-421-5885
  • Operating hours  : 10:30 ~ 20:30
  • Number of employees  : 10
  • Off-duty days  : Closed on holidays
  • Number of persons to be accommodated at the same time  : 10
‘Mod’s Hair,’ a global hair salon with 300 or so branches in 17 countries, presents a new style every year. It’s the Daegu Dongseongno Shop of Mod`s Hair
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Be sure to check the following in advance
Check information
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Samdeok parking lot free parking English Available Click You can make reservations
Price information
Additional charges may be made for the service products depending on their length (hair),
operations, procedures, materials used and design.
- Cut : 20,000(KRW) ~
- Basic perm : 70,000(KRW) ~
- Setting perm : 90,000(KRW) ~
- BB perm : 150,000(KRW)
- Basic dyeing : 70,000(KRW) ~
- BB clinic: 120,000(KRW)
- Hair clinic : 100,000(KRW)

It’s got a lounge and waiting room where you can look outside and enjoy various refreshments.

You can use the Internet free of charge.

It’s on the 2nd floor of a building right next to Dongseongno XIU.

- Panoramic view of the building.

Samdeok parking lot free parking

- Interior

- Lounge

- Shampoo room & Clinic


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